About us

Hunnu Mall Co., Ltd is implementing a new project of Shopping Complex which is to be completed on April 1, 2014. To be built according to the international standards, with commercial space of 50000 m2, the shopping complex will offer to its customers wide selection of brand shops of apparel, home products, building materials, furniture, electric home appliances, cinema, game center, kids play ground, baby sitting service, coffee and ice-cream shops, food court, restaurant and more.

Hunnu Mall is designed to offer a high quality service and shopping experience to customers of nearby “new Yarmag” area and to become a favorite shopping destination to visitors from other UB districts. Besides shopping in branded stores, our visitors will enjoy our entertainment services like cinema, all-year-round ice rink, Family Entertainment Center, dine at out food court or sip coffee at the coffee shop, let their kids play in the playground and use our convenient services such as supermarket, banks, mobile operator and beauty salons.

Our vision and values:

  • Customer oriented service – We respect our customer’s wishes and strive to provide them with high quality services and standards
  • Strong Team Players – We foster highly motivated and skilled employees to work towards achieving team spirit
  • We encourage personal growth within our organization, motivate responsibility and commitment in our employees
  • We pride ourselves on being respectful of our historical tradition
  • Responsible partnership – We prioritize our relationship with partners with social responsibilities and business ethics

Mission Statement:

Place to spend your happy moments – with family and friends.